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5 years in the making


over 100.000 total images taken


internationally published and recognized


exceptional print quality in personal exhibition


the most advanced ICM project in digital photography







Transience is a long-term project (5 years+) using intentional camera movement technique (ICM) to achieve true impressionist photography at a level seldom reached in the past. It strives for the perfection and harmony of the lines when painting with the digital sensor. The project also brings forth new concepts in relation to this way of thinking and taking photography: the Visual Poem, the ani-photo (animated photography).

That is achieved through developing carefully planned images and using the ICM technique on a variety of subjects: city/street photography, directing portrait staged sets, exploring the elements of water and fire and experimenting with catching light on different materials, such as in the Celestial Fission series.


One of the defining things that place a photograph as being an artifact depicting a slice of reality, a copy of reality in a way, is the clarity of the lines and all the details that resemble the thing actually photographed. I wanted something different but sincerely straight from the camera.


The photographer's stroke, the extension of this technique to more difficult subjects such as city streets and characters, the colors obtained with special filters straight from the camera, all this aims to bring a touch of magic to the world of the straight, clear photograph, a touch of 'what if that is a photo and not a painting" or 'I wander how he does that'. A small tingle of wonder in a world where almost everything was already photographed.


I believe portraiture can deal with more than the standard of the real world characters and faces. Using intentional camera movement technique (ICM) and staged photography I wanted to depict fantasy characters out of a personal world and give out the feeling of a surreal dream.

This project of impressionist, experimental and abstract fine art photography consists of many series grouped by theme : dream images from a few European capitals (Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Kyoto, Bucharest), staged portraits of invented and archetypal characters, a full series dedicated to the Venice Carnival (pastels of canals - city-scapes & extensive portraiture in different color palettes) , abstract photography exploring the turbulence details of the water element (resembling the action painting of Jackson Pollock) and of the fire element - revealing hidden creatures from the flames. And the Celestial Fission fantasy series - staging shots of abstract figures that resemble light sculptures, from which sometimes a face can be seen peering through the streaks of light, as if transported to this plane of existence from another world, a world with less gravity and near to no solidity. All this is done by painting with the digital sensor using the ICM (intentional camera movement technique). All images are real photographs of unreal constructs.


My goal was to photograph reality in a way that it no longer looks real, palpable, but more like we are made of mist, particles or light waves. A photograph that depicts reality in an unreal way.


Interviews [audio]


show host: Maria Balabas


interviewer: Eugen Cojocariu




[ Making Of ]



from mundane to particles of light


a special thank you to all my friends


who played the role of spirit or fade


angel, shadow, alien or celestial spark



so I could change the ordinary into extraordinary





Interviews [video]


producer: Irninis Miricioiu


interviewer: Mihaela Dedeoglu




[ ani-Photo ]




a series of impressionist photography


framed in motion, carefully on the same subject


allows the light-play of different moments in time


a digital variation of Monet's haystacks or cathedrals.