Light & Shadow

A visual poem which speaks about the transience of all things, the unavoidable end for all mortals,

about time, about finding an elf girl at the end of the road and being able to smile once more.

While it has a dark atmosphere and feeling to it,

there are glimmers of hope, here and there between the lines.


The video is made of 297 impressionist photographs created with the intentional camera movement technique(ICM),

shot in Bucharest city, spanning over 2 years and in different seasons.


Some of the ICM photos were especially planned with several images of the same composition,

in order to be later overlaid in sequence and to give the impression of light playing in the image,

as in an impressionist painting series by Monet.


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An artist's journey


This short experimental takes you on a journey from the an artist's intimate viewpoint,

through some of Gaudi's main works in Barcelona - Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Park Guell. Sagrada Familia,

ending with a spiritual and melancholic finale on the city beach and in the natural setting of Montserrat.

It has an original soundtrack signed by Elven Bird,

with Arab & Oriental influences in the first part, sometimes mystical in nature,

while in the second part soft voices guide your steps with piano keys.


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Zen Tale


This story features impressionist photography from the city of Kyoto,

a walkthrough of some well known sites such as Kokedera (Moss Temple),

Kifune Jijna Shrine, Nijo-Jo castle and Fushimi Inari and its red torii, among the most known

There are 16 haiku of perfect form, written in English

and based on the director's actual experiences in his stay in the old capital.

Those complement the overlaid kanji that appear from time to time to better define the stage and mood.

There is an original soundtrack specially made by the jazz pianist Mihai Pitan,

complemented with sound design by the director/photographer himself.


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Innocence of Winter


This video focuses on the spiritual inner journey given to mankind,

in which children play a most important part. Angels are used as a symbol

for the Great Anonymous, Tathata, the Cosmic Unconscious,

the Friend, from the mystical transmission of light.


Winter is seen here as a great equalizer that brings a calm peace and levels our life achievements.

It may also hide the dirt of corruption that is so seldom associated with a human being.

Innocence of Winter features two songs by recognized musician and composer A.G.Weinberger


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FITS Intermezzo


a Retrospective of the Sibiu International Theater Festival covering the 2015-2017 editions.

Photographed only outdoors, it shows the many inventive character appereances

and covers the main show events as best examples to suit.

Unfortunately, unlike children, we, adults, are less than willing

to take part and make-believe the intended magical spirit of the street shows.

I searched for the qualities that seem to bring those creatures, acrobats, fire jugglers,

mirror people, giant birds, luminous horses, marching bands and Luminarium, to life.

Music is again composed by Elven Bird, as part as our personal collaboration.


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Polyptych [ Compositions ]


Inspired by the religious art of the triptych and polyptych of old,

I thought most appropriate to use this photography

that resembles painting in much bolder arrangements and styles,

ranging from Byzantine to Art Nouveau to geometric to Moorish

to oriental influences of frame shape and overall frame distribution.

The new polyptych compositions may resemble the stained glass windows of a church,

a window from Gaudi’s work, a mandala or a gate of passage from an ancient book.


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